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Psychosynthesis Counselling

What is counselling?
Counselling helps you to explore and deal with issues which are holding you back.

Counselling helps you to gain awareness and insight around repeated patterns in your life that are causing conflict within you or with others. If you are feeling that life is a struggle or that you are not reaching your full potential, counselling can help you to address these issues.

Psychosynthesis counselling
Psychosynthesis counselling is a holistic approach that seeks to integrate all parts of the personality.

It offers a way of exploring those aspects of ourselves that are in conflict with each other. Psychosynthesis looks at the internal blocks that hold us back from living life fully.

Psychosynthesis counselling works by exploring the past, present and future:

  • We explore what brings you to counselling

  • We look together at how your past might be impacting on the present

  • We work with what you want your life to be like

  • We explore how you might start to access a sense of purpose and create more meaning in your life in the future

  • My approach
    As a psychosynthesis counsellor my approach involves sensitively exploring issues through dialogue and, where appropriate, working creatively with guided visualisations, drawing, chair work, imagery and dreams.

    I work in the way that best suits each individual and so my focus is less about techniques and more about the importance of the therapeutic relationship.

    My initial aim is to enable people to gain an expanded awareness around difficult thoughts and feelings and how these might be holding them back. With increased awareness comes the possibility of thinking about ourselves and our lives differently, and making different choices in how to move forward.

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