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Life Coaching

Psychosynthesis life coaching is a holistic approach that seeks to take into account all parts of the personality. It helps you to explore your sense of potential and what particularly gives your life meaning and purpose.

Psychosynthesis also offers a way of exploring those aspects of ourselves that are in conflict with each other. It looks at the internal blocks that hold us back from living life fully.

As your coach, my aim is to enable you to open up your awareness and understanding about an issue. This is so you can access increased room for manoeuvre in how you think about yourself and your situation. We would then explore how this empowers you to make different choices going forwards.

Coaching is different from counselling in that it is not about looking back to the past. It focuses instead on what is happening right now, on future possibility and making change happen.

My approach
As a psychosynthesis practitioner my approach involves exploring your coaching issues through dialogue and, where appropriate, working creatively - e.g. with guided visualisation and imagery.

I have also been trained to use the T-GROW model as this framework is the most commonly used coaching model in the UK. This comprises...
T - clarification of the topic
G - goals for the session
R - reality of where you are right now
O - exploring options for moving forward
W - looking at your will to change and the way forward, overcoming obstacles and taking action

I work, however, in the way that best suits each individual and so my focus is ultimately less about techniques and more about the importance of the coaching relationship.

Sessions are 50 minutes long. In these we set out to explore a particular issue or challenge, plan goals around achieving this, and then reflect on the outcomes of these actions.

I am currently completing the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 5 Award in Management Coaching & Mentoring.

I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling and I am a qualified supervisor. Currently I work at the University of Greenwich where I manage the counselling and mental health teams, and at City Lit in London where I am the clinical supervisor to the counselling service.

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