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LGBT+ Counselling

In providing LGBT+ counselling, I start from the standpoint that your identity is equal to heterosexual identity.

My approach is a deeply affirmative one, honouring each person on their journey towards living life more authentically.

I believe in valuing the inner wisdom of each person. I do not have a 'one size fits all' approach but focus on you as an individual in your unique situation.

I pride myself on working with all clients, whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity, from a place of respect and acceptance.

I have undertaken the following specific training to support my LGBT+ counselling work:

  • Essentials in Sexual Minority Therapy (Pink Therapy training, 2007)

  • Psychosexual Therapy with Sexual Minorities (Pink Therapy training, 2007)

  • Self-esteem Injury and Social Context (Pink Therapy training, 2008)

  • Development of the Self and the Therapeutic Alliance (Pink Therapy training, 2009)

  • External Oppression and Multiple Identities (Pink Therapy training, 2010)

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