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LGBT+ clients. Library Image: Doorway of Hope

LGBT+ affirmative Counselling

As a LGBT+ affirmative counsellor I start from the standpoint that lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender identity is equal to heterosexual identity.

Psychosynthesis is a deeply affirmative approach. It honours each person their journey towards living life more authentically.

Psychosynthesis believes in valuing the inner wisdom of the individual and in prizing the uniqueness and fullness of each person.

As a psychosynthesis counsellor I work with all clients, whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity, from a place of respect and acceptance.

I have undertaken the following specific training to support my work:

  • Essentials in Sexual Minority Therapy (Pink Therapy training, 2007)

  • Psychosexual Therapy with Sexual Minorities (Pink Therapy training, 2007)

  • Self-esteem Injury and Social Context (Pink Therapy training, 2008)

  • Development of the Self and the Therapeutic Alliance (Pink Therapy training, 2009)

  • External Oppression and Multiple Identities (Pink Therapy training, 2010)

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